OpenAI Key
Updated over a week ago

If you have a paid OpenAI key, you can add it to our service. In this case, the balance of AI requests will always be controlled on your side for the current license (Starter plan only).

How does it work?

The Starter plan includes only 500 AI requests you can use with one license.

If your requests run out, you will be forced to:

  • wait for your subscription to renew;

  • purchase extra requests (read how to do this here).

But for users who have a paid OpenAI key, we meet you halfway and offer to use your own key. This will give you the opportunity not to limit yourself to quotas.

How to add a key to Upwex?

If you bought the key from the OpenAI service, you can add it to our service when you'd like. Write to the support chat and we will add your key.

What will happen if my key stops working?

The Starter license contains 500 AI requests. If your key stops working, all functions will work within the limits of your current license.

Can I add my own key to the Trial plan?

No. This is not available for the trial version. This option is only available for paid plans.