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Job Rating / Job Score
Job Rating / Job Score
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With a Job on Upwork, you have the opportunity to quickly view the rating of the job, before it is opened and review it in detail.

Upwex's job rating system uses AI to analyze Upwork job postings and provides users with a rating based on customer and job history.

The rating algorithm considers various factors such as customer payment history, feedback ratings, and job difficulty to provide an accurate rating for each position.

To view the rating of each job, you only need to hover over the section with the job:

After pointing to the job section, a block with the job rating will be added and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the score criteria in more detail:

To view the details, click on the Open Details button:

In the open window, you can familiarize yourself with the criteria by which the AI calculates the general job rating in more detail:

To quickly proceed to write a proposal, click on the Open Proposal Page button:

The evaluation of the work is also available on the following pages:

  • Job Details Page

  • Submit a Proposal Page

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