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Update billing plan
Update billing plan
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If your Trial subscription has ended, to continue using the service, you need to change your tariff plan to Lite, Starter, or Yearly and buy a license.

To begin, you need to go to the Billing page and click on the button - Switch:

After that, press the button Switch to `the needed plan`:

Your tariff plan has been updated. You can now return to the Billing page by clicking on the link Back to Billing:

After you have changed the tariff plan, you need to buy a license (!Notice, if you have several team members, a license must be purchased and assigned to each of these members).
To add a license, click on the Purchase button:

A window will appear confirming that you want to buy a license. To continue, click on Yes, buy 1 license:

You will be redirected to the payment service. Enter the correct data of your card:

After entering the data, clicking on the Pay button:

After successful payment of the license, in the Licenses table, in the Subscription field, data will appear indicating that the license is paid (Paid), as well as the possibility to cancel it (Cancel Subscription):

After you have added the license, a new line with the license will appear in the Licenses table.
Now you need to assign a license to any user in your team (or to yourself), for this, click on the drop-down menu and choose the needed user:

You can also check that the assigned license has already been added to your user (by going to the Team page):

Also, it is possible to use the discount by clicking on the button "Apply", where you have to specify the name of the discount coupon:

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